Get Complete control on your business through learning and harnessing the best tools to produce tangile results!


Are you struggling in building your network marketing business?  Now you can effortlessly attract leads to your business and converting them to long term customers! Learn these critical skills and implement them to see results!

Module 1: Social Network Marketing 101
Module 2: Understanding Customer Psycchology
Module 3: Creating Easy Ice-Breaking with Customers
Module 4: Strategies Approach To Lead Attraction
Module 5: Speed Rapport Building with Prospects
Module 6: Needs vs Wants of Customers
Module 7: Building of Sales Funnel
Module 8: Building Diplicable Profitable Presentations 
Module 9: Obtaining Appointments using the R.I.C.P Method
Module 10: Profitable Closing Sales Techniques


You no longer need to be a coder or a design expert to build an eCommerce website! Following the step-by-step guidance in this course, you will be able to bring home a FULLY FUNCTIONAL eCommerce sytem to market your products and services!

Module 1: Understanding Online Buying Psychology
Module 2: ECommerce Framework Design
Module 3: Understanding The Need For An Online Presence
Module 4: Building of Proprietary eCommerce Sales Funnel
Module 4: Strategies For Social Communication Systems & Platforms
Module 5: Understanding Your Product Positioning
Module 6: Building Customer “Getting” Pages
Module 7: Market Your Product Compliantly


The Inside Sales Role is a supporting unit which provides intelligence in contribution towards the success of the organization. This course aims to guide individuals to understand the business indept and the expansive coverage of customer success. 

Module 1: Inside Sales 101
Module 2: Understanding Roles & Responsibilites
Module 3: Building An Existing Customer Blueprint
Module 4: Building Relationship with Existing Customers
Module 5: Connecting The Dots For New Business
Module 6: Prospecting For New Customers
Module 7: Introduction To Channel Model
Module 8: Understanding Key Performance Indices


The career landscape is changing rapidly. This course is not useful only for individuals who are seeking for a job but also for those who are gainfully employed. The objective of this course is not only to build a strong branding for yourself but also the next steps in your career!

Module 1: Understanding Yourself Through D.I.S.C. Profiling
Module 2: Building A Responsive Resume
Module 3: Writing A Compelling Cover Letter
Module 4: Optimizing Your LinkedIn Platforrm
Module 5: Understanding Your Career Options
Module 6: Overcoming Tough Interviews
Module 7: 
Module 8: Writing Your Blueprint


The lessons which we deliver varies to meet the needs of the students and organizations availbility. We are flexible to adjust the modes of delivery to suit the incumbent needs of your business. We offer one-to-one, classroom and virtual live instructor-led training to busy executives so that minimal distruption to your commitments. Please have a chat with us to help us understand your schedule better.