About Us

We had the biggest high-fives. We had days with our chins stucked to our chests.

OngLie is a Sales & Marketing Academy based in Singapore, serving the community within the region.

With a humble begining in 2017, OngLie have worked with various Small-Medium Enterprises, freelancers and sole-proprietors to maximize their return of investments made on their sales & marketing resources. We cherish the opportunities given to us to work with some of the finest business owners in the industry. We learnt about their pain and it taught us to look through their lens of their challenges and fustrations. 

Not only we understand the challenges such as customer aquisition and skills gap many business owner faces, we innovate to meet the needs, expectations and aspirations of these individuals and organizations. We take a systematic approach to work with you to understand your budget, timeline and challenges to provide a well-informed recommendation. We will then work through a process of Building, Managing and Empower the resources you provide us with to achieve your desired outcomes. 

Regadless you are a SME business owner, freelancer or a sole-proprietor, if you wish to improve your sales & marketing resources in your business, give us a call or drop us an email. We are more than happy to have a chat with you over a good cuppa coffee!


Our Team

The team who will see you through success

Ivan Ong

Resident trainer

Ivan Ong is the Resident Trainer at OngLie Pte Ltd. He provides sales training and career coaching to customers, as well as overseeing the entire operations in OngLie Pte Ltd. Prior to OngLie Pte Ltd, ivan has worked for various tech giants such as ServiceSoruce International, McAfee as well as representing organizations such as Red Hat and Amazon Web Services. In his latest role with Bespoke Training Services, he played a key role in driving training sales for the Singapore territory. 

Ivan holds a Masters Degree in Business Administration from University of Chester, UK and a Bachelors of Arts in Business Administration (2nd upper class) from University of Portsmouth, UK. He also holds an Advance Certificate for Training & Assessment (ACTA ver. 5) from Institute of Adult Learning (IAL) Singapore.